Religious Discrimination

It is illegal to discriminate against someone at the workplace because of his or her religious beliefs or practices.  For example, your employer may not encourage one type of religion and discourage another, and your employer may not force you to participate in a religious activity in order for you to keep your job.

Employers must allow employees to engage in religious expression unless it causes the company undue hardship.  You are allowed to ask for accommodations from your employer to express your religion, such as flexible schedules and wearing religious head coverings.

What is religious discrimination?

  • Your employer fires you because you ask to switch shifts with another employee to attend religious services
  • Your employer reprimands you or demotes you because you ask for short breaks to engage in prayer
  • An employer refuses to hire you because you are wearing a hijab, even though you were otherwise qualified for the job
  • You are teased, ridiculed or taunted for being kosher, or your co-workers or supervisors make negative comments about being kosher

All information on our website is meant to be generally informative. To find out whether you may have a case, you should consult an employment or discrimination attorney of your choice.


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