Unlawful discrimination in the workplace can prevent you from doing your job and feeling comfortable in your own workplace. Every year, thousands of charges are filed with both state and federal anti-discrimination organizations. The discrimination attorneys at Newkirk Zwagerman are here to help any Iowan who has suffered from any form of discrimination.

Iowa and Federal law prevent discrimination based on:

Additionally, Iowa law specifically prevents discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Neither of which are protected under federal discrimination law. If an employer takes an adverse employment action against you that is motivated by one of these protected classes, you may have a claim for employment discrimination. Adverse employment actions include many things, for example, a demotion, failure to hire or promote, disciplinary action, or termination. 

Overt discrimination can be easy to identify with discrimination examples ranging from verbal abuse to sexual harassment. However, discrimination is not always an overt action but still results in a hostile work environment. This can be something that happens without anyone acknowledging why your employment experience is different from your coworkers. This can often be seen in the form of wage discrimination when employees with the same standing don’t receive equal pay. 

When finding a discrimination lawyer to represent your case, find a law firm that will aggressively pursue the best result for you. At Newkirk Zwagerman, we’re here to help you through your case with compassion, dedication, and experience. 

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