WTCA: Leaning In - The Risks and Challenges For Women Speakers and Mentors

While there are many cases of gender bias throughout the tennis industry, one of the most common problems occurs at conferences across the globe. Despite the progress women in the sport have made over the last few decades, tennis conference speaker lineups continuously feature a highly disproportionate male-to-female ratio. The...
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Equal Pay for Black Women

"When comparing all men and women who work full time, year round in the United States, women are paid just 80 cents for every dollar paid to their male counterparts. But the wage gap is even larger when looking specifically at Black women who work full time, year round—they are...
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Women in Athletic Departments Welcomed or Marginalized?

"We didn't need the musical "Hamilton" to tell us the importance of being in "the room where it happens," but it did provide a fantastically catchy tune that reiterates the advantages of being among decision-makers. "For women in college athletics, as we approach the 45th anniversary of Title IX, we...
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Jane Meyer wins $1.43M in case against Iowa

"A Polk County jury handed Jane Meyer a sweeping victory Thursday in her discrimination lawsuit against the University of Iowa, awarding her $1.43 million in damages. "The jury of five women and three men ruled in Meyer's favor on all five of her claims — gender and sexual orientation discrimination,...
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