Implicit Bias Presentation Testimonials

Tom Newkirk travels around the country educating people about the realities and risks of implicit bias. Please contact Newkirk Zwagerman to inquire about educational presentations for your school, workplace, group, or organization.

Rev. Lori Wunder, Pastor

"Our nation needs to be honest about the ways racism and sexism cause harm to far too many people. However, we've become so defensive about being called racist or sexist, defenses get thrown up and any possibility of something productive happening disappears. Tom Newkirk offers another way. In his presentation, Tom dismantled the need for society or individuals to make a judgment about whether an incident, and the person or persons instigating it, are racist or sexist. Using the frame of implicit bias defuses the tension and helps us recognize that we are all in this together. With that as a starting point, we're so much more able to figure out ways to acknowledge the bias we all have while lessening the likelihood of causing harm."

Megan Jones, Licensed Social Worker

"I am a licensed social worker and first heard Tom Newkirk speak at a social justice conference.  I was so impressed with the empirical data he presented and his non-blame and shame approach, I asked if he could come speak to my community.  Even though I did not have a clear picture on what "speaking to my community" would look like, he immediately agreed and graciously offered to come free of charge.

It took over a year to organize and plan this event.  But throughout, Mr. Newkirk was patient and generous with his time during the planning process, was quick to respond to emails and was able to fit in conference calls when needed.  His lecture was definitely worth the wait.  Despite the wintery conditions, the event was well attended and the information was again thorough, research based, and enlightening.  His approach is relatable and nonjudgmental. I would highly recommend sharing his expertise in your own community."

Dr. Greg Batenhorst, Superintendent

"Tom Newkirk recently brought his message of attacking the issue of implicit bias to the Mount Vernon, Iowa, community.  Those who took part in the presentation walked away with a much greater sense of the power of implicit bias, and why we as a society must work to eliminate all forms of bias and discrimination in society.  On that same day, Mr. Newkirk held a discussion with the Social Justice class at Mount Vernon High School.  Mr. Newkirk challenged the students to take what they had learned on the Civil Rights Trip to the South experience to become change agents in the quest to eliminate bias and discrimination in their community.  Mr. Newkirk aims to educate and to call people to action.  There is no blame and shame, but rather a raising of awareness to the power of implicit bias in society."