We have been very fortunate to work with a number of inspiring clients over the years. This page contains their thoughts on the experiences of surviving and fighting discrimination and working with us to bring change.

"Tom Newkirk and his firm are experts on the state of college athletics and the type of bias that coaches and especially female coaches deal with on daily bases. Tom not only successfully helped me resolve my dispute with Rutgers University but also made a historical landmark in having my reputation publicly restored by the University, giving me the chance for a future career in college athletics. Tom is an advocate for female coaches and also a leading and visionary educator on gender bias in the sports industry. Tom is passionate, a great tactician, speaks a language that anyone can understand, and cares for you not just as a professional but also as a human being."

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Petra Martin, Swimming Coach

"I was represented by both Jill Zwagerman and Newkirk Zwagerman Law Firm better than I could have ever imagined. Over two years they prepared me to the fullest degree. They truly cared about my needs and opinions. My doubts, nerves, and emotions were always reassured. They never left me out of any process and were always explaining the steps to the processes thoroughly so we could make the best decisions, together. This woman went above and beyond and fought hard to provide me with the best possible outcome for my situation. I couldn’t have asked for a better law firm or attorney to represent me."

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Stephanie Tranmer

"I was introduced to Tom Newkirk through a mutual friend when I was going to a difficult time in my career. Tom's understanding of the obstacles we face in collegiate athletics as female coaches is unparalleled. It was eye opening to discuss my situation with him. It gave me important insight into the real issues I was facing. This allowed me to make my decisions with much more clarity and gave me a much better understanding of what my options were. Tom is passionate about exposing these biases and helping women fight the good fight. Without his guidance I have no doubt I would not be sitting in where I am now. He prepared me for all outcomes and made sure that I was prepared for whatever was thrown my way." 

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Tina Samara, Tennis Coach

"I reported what looked like criminal activity to my supervisor.  Months later, my job was eliminated.  I didn't know where to turn or who to talk to, because I knew I did the right thing.  Jill Zwagerman was recommended by a friend who is also an attorney.  I knew after the first meeting that she was the best fit for my case.  Her patience, professionalism, and experience guided me through a process that produced a better outcome than I could imagine.  I would recommend her to anyone that has been retaliated against or harassed in any way!  She believes in people being treated fairly and it shows.  She has my unconditional recommendation!" 

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Terry Welker

"I will forever feel indebted to Newkirk-Zwagerman, specifically Jill Zwagerman.  From the moment they accepted my case, they were there to help me through an unbelievably exhaustive process and understand things that even I found confusing as a physician.  They also helped return my faith in humanity, which is something that I had almost lost; knowing that there are attorneys that are still protecting people and helping others abide by the law strengthened my belief that justice will prevail.  They not only had a lasting effect on my personal and family's life, but every patient I will treat in the future...ever!"

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Catherine Hansen, DO

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