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Many people think of harassment as solely related to gender or sex, when the law prohibits workplace harassment on the basis of any protected class.  This has been caused at least in part by the failure of employers to focus their training on anything but sexual harassment.  In addition, often employer’s policies do not even mention racial or other forms of workplace harassment.

General Legal Standard

Under State or Federal law, if your supervisor or co-worker harasses you because of your race, color, gender, pregnancy, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation or gender identity, you may have a claim for workplace harassment.

Sex Harassment

Examples of sexual harassment may include:

  • Being propositioned by a supervisor for sex in exchange for career advancement
  • Telling dirty jokes
  • Displaying nude pictures
  • Being inappropriately touched or physically assaulted

In addition to the more obvious forms of sexual harassment, a supervisor may harass you on the basis of your sex in a manner that is not overtly sexual. This often occurs when women step out of stereotyped roles and rise into management or upper management.

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Sexual Orientation Harassment

Examples of sexual orientation harassment may include:

  • Calling someone offensive names related to their sexual orientation
  • Making stereotyped comments about how homosexuals are only interested in shopping or dancing
  • Telling someone that because they are homosexual that they are against the bible and God.

Racial Harassment

A manager has a duty to stop discrimination.  If he or she allows racial slurs or jokes or harassment of a person of color to continue, that means the manager likely agrees with the racial comments being made.

Examples of racial harassment may include:

  • Telling racial jokes
  • Making stereotyped comments about race such as referring to African Americans as prone to crime or being really good at sports
  • Supporting or ignoring racial comments by coworkers
  • Managers or coworkers discovering that a non-white employee is married to or dating a white person, triggering racial bias in one or more coworkers where none was obvious before

Religious Harassment

While the following may result in a claim for religious discrimination, these examples may also create a claim for a hostile environment based upon one’s religion.

Examples may include:

  • Telling religious jokes
  • Making negative comments about religion
  • Refusing to provide required religious accommodations such as prayer, attending church, temple or mosque on certain days, and food or apparel requirements

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