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Age Discrimination

In Iowa, employers may not discriminate against employees 18 years and older based on their age.  This is unique, because under federal law, an employee must be 40 years old before he or she receives legal protection for discrimination at work on the basis of age.

Some examples of age discrimination at work may include:

  • You are fired because of your age, and younger employees are kept as employees
  • You are forced to retire before you are ready
  • Your employer fires you right before you are ready to retire or “vest”
  • You are denied promotions, while younger employees are given promotions
  • You are denied benefits, while younger employees are given benefits
  • You are paid less than younger employees
  • Your employer makes negative comments about your age
  • Your employer treats younger employees better than older workers, including discipline, job assignments, training, and hours scheduled

All information on our website is meant to be generally informative.  To find out whether you may have a case of age discrimination, you should consult an age discrimination attorney of your choice.

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