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We have been very fortunate to work with a number of inspiring clients over the years.  This page contains their thoughts on the experiences of surviving and fighting discrimination and working with us to bring change.

Beverly K. Couch

Thomas Newkirk is a committed, enthusiastic, passionate and heroic civil rights attorney.    I never thought I would have a need for a civil rights attorney until I was discriminated against by the State of Iowa, Iowa Workforce Development. 

My case involved IWD’s failure to hire me for over 100 positions, as well as IWD’s use of a Customer Service Exam, which was known to discriminate against African Americans. Tom agreed to take my case only three months prior to the date the case was set for trial. Tom took a risk by taking my case so late in the game. He spent countless hours away from his family to fight this long battle with me, when in fact, he could have turned me away.

In preparing for the trial for my case, Tom uncovered evidence of discrimination against African Americans in hiring and promotions with the State of Iowa, which has now turned into a class action which has the potential to involve 1000+ African Americans in this State. Because of Tom’s dedication, hard work and tireless hours, Tom was able to obtain for me a favorable judgment.

In working with Tom on my case, I realized that he is excellent, proficient, organized, fast-paced, and most of all caring, for the rights of African Americans and others whose civil rights have been violated.

Ruth Crowe

In 2005 I hired Tom Newkirk and Jill Zwagerman to represent me in a wrongful termination lawsuit against Iowa State University and the State of Iowa. In the following 3.5 years of preparation they proved why they are the best at what they do. They pursued the truth with a vengeance and they truly cared about the issues and inequities surrounding the case. They took my personal situation and dissected every single nuance pertaining to the case.  They are professional, smart, caring, tenacious, and exactly what you need when your credibility or lively hood is on the line.
I had a good case against Iowa State University but it was a better case after it was brought to life by Newkirk and Zwagerman.  In the end we won our jury trial and I was thankful I had hired the two lawyers who believed in not only me but who were also advocates for justice for all women and minorities.

Trish Fulkerson

I would like to say that I have always been one to do what is right. When I was being sexually harassed I did try to stand up for myself, but ultimately I ended up losing my job. At the time it was devastating to my ego, self esteem, self respect, and even being independent. I thought to myself there is no way I can ever pick up & recover from this very devastating thing that people can put you through.

Even though I knew nothing about the legal system, I was not going to let that company get by with what they had done. I was scared. I did not want to have my name or my family’s name be trashed & drug through the dirt or even on the news. I was so ashamed I did not want people to know!

I made one call and met with Mr. Thomas Newkirk. I was so embarrassed to tell him the details. He was so understanding, patient and very professional. I knew there was no other person I could trust to treat me as a human being & handle this case with dignity and privacy. I was treated like I mattered, and my case was handled with care!

I can never repay Tom & Paige for what they did. They never forgot me in all the mess, and they made sure my best interests always came first. I never felt that I did not matter.  If you really want someone to stand up for your rights there are two individuals I know from first-hand experience who will do just that—Tom Newkirk & Paige Fiedler!

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